Look familiar?
Yankee Magazine


I was driving down the main drag of Lafayette, CA, a well-to-do suburb just on the east side of the Caldicott Tunnel, and I noticed a new seafood restaurant named “Yankee Pier.” Being a seafood fan, that perked my interest but I was really drawn to the restaurant because of the signage, it really stuck in my head. Midway through the afternoon as I was sitting at my desk, it dawned on me why, the sign for said restaurant is a knockoff of the masthead of the tried and true New England staple, Yankee Magazine, which was founded in 1930. It is almost a requirement for every New England family to have a copy of the periodical in their bathroom. 

While it is not a just “stolen”, notice the difference in swashes with the Y and the K, there is no way the designer created this without knowing about the original. I looked at the biographies of the restaurant owners and none of them have a New England backgrounds, so I wonder if they have a knowledge of this.

I also wonder if the owners of of Yankee Pier, which is quite upscale, realize that someone gave them a second hand identity…