Kids Play?

And you wonder why the cycle of violence continues in this country.


I’m finally having the chance to see some movies again and thougtht I would share some thoughts…

On June 13th I managed to see a viewing of the documentary Helvetica, the ode to the ubiquitous font that is turning 50 years old this year. To say the least, it is a must-see for any graphic designer and a good time for anyone who just notices this informational world around them. The real stars of this film, surprisingly, is not the fonts but the type designers interviewed. They are alternately opinionated and hilarious with their opinions of Helvetica and tyopgraphy in general. Just think, the fonts you use when hacking away in Microsoft Office has so much history and says something about you…
You can go to to see if this film is coming your way. The director, who did a Q&A after the showing I attended, hinted that the film could be out on DVD in October.

We went and saw the latest Pixar gem, Ratatouille, the other night. The visuals, especially the city of Paris, were amazing. While the plot did not contain the emotional intensities of Toy Story Finding Nemo and The Incredibles, the ode to Jerry Lewis-style visual comedy made it a fun time. The movie’s so good that I didn’t mind all the young kids in the theater making noise.

Brand Upon the Brain!
Quite possibly the most “artsy” movie attempt I have ever seen. Directed by Canadien Guy Maddin, it is an exploration of B&W silent film (though it is narrated by Isabella Rosellini), horror shows, Nancy Drew and lesbians. Sound inticing? It all sounds a bit too much to me though I appreciated the efforts and the vision. Coming soon to a theatre not near you for not very long…

As much as I have always said I would never do a blog, here I am now, a hypocrite. I am excited to do this as a blog about graphic design verses a rant about how life stinks though (I can’t stand those ones).
Here are my blog promises:
1. To only put up interesting thoughts and links on design
2. I will not rant about dogs eating my shoes or how sunny it is in California today
3. To only link and promote shows for Thunderbird Theatre Company if they are good.
4. No politics
5. No thoughts on Paris Hilton
6. To not talk smack about people
8. Not convince you to vote for an American Idol
9. To further educate the masses on good design and to eventually be responsible for someone understand kerning.
7. Not to convince you to join Amway

I will post a bit about myself as background info but that is for a later day as I have homework and the dogs are eating my shoes at the moment and Hollywood Extra has a story about Sanjaya on too…