As much as I have always said I would never do a blog, here I am now, a hypocrite. I am excited to do this as a blog about graphic design verses a rant about how life stinks though (I can’t stand those ones).
Here are my blog promises:
1. To only put up interesting thoughts and links on design
2. I will not rant about dogs eating my shoes or how sunny it is in California today
3. To only link and promote shows for Thunderbird Theatre Company if they are good.
4. No politics
5. No thoughts on Paris Hilton
6. To not talk smack about people
8. Not convince you to vote for an American Idol
9. To further educate the masses on good design and to eventually be responsible for someone understand kerning.
7. Not to convince you to join Amway

I will post a bit about myself as background info but that is for a later day as I have homework and the dogs are eating my shoes at the moment and Hollywood Extra has a story about Sanjaya on too…